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Telehealth PT


Telehealth PT

Our highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of everyone who comes into our clinical boutique. We believe that this is the time to be UNITED as one and to help one another everywhere. Together, we will get through this.

As we move forward through these uncertain times, we are offering TeleHealth Physical Therapy in New York to help YOU stay healthy and strong in the comfort of your own homes.


What is TeleHealth PT (Physical Therapy)?

TeleHealth PT is a new and innovative way of delivering physical therapy to clients for their rehabilitation or wellness needs. It functions as complementary to in-person care and does not replace it. Telehealth technology refers to the use of any HIPAA compliant communication platform that uses different devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops to remotely access health care services. Depending on the specific role or service, Telehealth PT can also be referred to using other terms like E-Visits, TelePT, Telemedicine Physical Therapy, Telemedicine PT, TeleRehab, remote physical therapy, virtual visits physical therapy, online physical therapy, mobile health, e-health, m-health, and more.


Why Use TeleHealth PT?

Regardless of whether the world is currently practicing isolation or whether the busy professionals start crowding the streets of New York, having a non-conventional touchpoint with our patients helps us at Tribeca Physical Therapy, New York, monitor your current physical state.

This is also an opportunity for you to understand why you should see a physical therapist first before any elective surgeries, injections, or any of those addictive pain medications.

We can most certainly use telehealth during this time to continue to help you the way we know you need to be helped and look forward to an in-person visit.


What services do we provide on our Telehealth PT?

Tribeca Physical Therapy offers 4 different services: High-level Physical Therapy, Women’s health, Clinical Pilates, and Wellness Coaching.

Our focus in our Telehealth PT sessions are:

  • Postpartum Recovery
  • Prenatal education and care
  • Post-surgical check-ins and protocol guidance
  • Back Pain Management
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Work from ergonomics work from home set-up assessment
  • Wellness programs in collaborations with other health and wellness practitioners such as nutritionists, registered dietitians, mental health specialists, and life coaches.


What are the advantages of using Telehealth PT?

Typically, appointments require a face to face interaction with the doctors of physical therapy at our clinical boutique. This means that you will need to go to our Tribeca location at 225 Broadway, in Downtown Manhattan, to see our doctors of physical therapy. Since you can access Telehealth PT through your device, your physical therapy and wellness need become convenient for you.

Here are more benefits of using the Telehealth PT Everywhere App:

Communication: During these times where we are requested to stay at home for our safety and others, Telehealth becomes a saving grace. Through our Telehealth PT Everywhere app, we can be easily reached through our HIPAA compliant video conferencing or direct messaging for any questions at the privacy of your own home.

Cost-efficient: Set up an appointment with our clinicians whenever you’re available 7 am-7 pm, 7 days a week using the TeleHealth PT Everywhere app. This will save you time and money especially from transportation costs.

Convenience: Using the Telehealth PTEverywhere app, you can access our clinicians with just one click. Any questions, you have, our doctors from Tribeca Physical Therapy are just seconds away.

Care: Yes, Telehealth PT is different from face to face appointments nor it replaces it but even if the treatment is done remotely, you can trust that our clinicians will treat you with the highest quality and the greatest of care.


What am I expecting on my first Telehealth PT appointment?

Your very first appointment with Tribeca Physical Therapy’s Telehealth PT includes an evaluation, a comprehensive assessment, and can have an initial treatment.

The whole appointment will be done through a live video call where we ask you where your pain points are, your medical histories, surgeries, etc. We will be asking you to do a few movements that involve stretches and different exercises in front of the device. We will be able to assess what the cause of the pain is and give you advice on which activities you can or can’t do that will possibly lessen or worsen the pain. We will then send you an exercise through the TeleHealth PTEverwhere app, a personalized exercise plan explaining what the exercises are and what they are for. As for frequency of visits, it will depend on different factors such as your physical therapy and wellness goals, yours and the PTs availability, cost, etc. If you’re able to follow through with the plan of care and implement it in your daily routine, you’d see a difference and hopefully recover at home.




Internet – for fast, uninterrupted communication. Limit the number of equipment connected to the internet.


Phone or computer with video calling capability. We learned that it is also best to wear earphones.


Quiet isolated room with good lighting and space.


Loose clothing as therapeutic exercises might be performed


Can I use my Out Of Network (OON) benefit from my insurance?

We are currently trying our best to submit TELEHEALTH PT claims with Out of Network (OON) benefits, after the 1st initial TELEHEALTH PT session, if continuation of care is necessary, and since we are not contracted with any insurances, we can offer reasonable pricing during this unprecedented time.

On behalf of the entire Tribeca Physical Therapy  New York Family, we would like to thank you for putting your trust in us in providing high-quality health and wellness. We’re committed to working through these challenging circumstances with you together.

Thank YOU again from the bottom of our hearts for hanging in there with us.

Stay safe.



***Schedule 72 hours in advance.