High – Level Physical Therapy

High – Level Physical Therapy in New York

Our high-level physical therapy treatment approach goes above and beyond the healing process or treating of physical ailments. It is designed to guide patients achieve their goal of being the best version of themselves. Here at Tribeca Physical Therapy we assist our patients’ understanding of their own body and needs. While we conduct programs designed in reducing pain, assisting connective tissue healing and recovery of function prior injury or surgery, we also prioritize prevention and well being.

Why Tribeca Physical Therapy?

Our seasoned physical therapists have over 10 years of clinical experience solving different orthopedic or musculoskeletal dysfunctions. They underwent various certifications to help their clients prepare for whatever physical challenge might be: from your day to day activities to achieving your most wanted lifetime goals like running a marathon, climbing the highest mountain or dancing with your daughter on her wedding. All our programs are designed based on the initial assessment and goals of each client. We also engage our patients in being fully committed to their care by creating a personalized home program and educating them on how each activity in the program is necessary, why it’s included, and which muscle is being improved or rehabilitated. Client experience is very important to us, and this professional relationship goes beyond the one hour one-on-one session each of our patients receive.

Benefits of high-level Physical Therapy:

Efficient use of time with our one on one approach

Access your updated home exercise program, book your appointments online, and message your doctors of physical therapy anytime through our own HIPPAA compliant app messaging!”

Relationship based treatment approach

Improved body awareness and posture

Better guidance and compliance with home exercises

Education and injury prevention

Payment and Insurance

Here at Tribeca Physical Therapy we’re all about transparency and efficiency. The treatments are exclusive making sure our clients investment of their time and money is well worth. We are a fee per service practice where in clients will be provided with coded receipts in which they may get reimbursement from their insurance using their out of network benefits. We are more than happy to work with our clients towards the reimbursement process.
If you want to know more details about our packages book a discovery visit, send us an email or give us a call at (212) 406-8080.