The year 2020 had us scared and left us with uncertainties, the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and forced us to stay indoors and cancel all future plans of travel and even work. The pandemic also challenged health care organizations and personnel all over the world. And most of all, it challenged all world leaders on how to cope with this pandemic. 

But this year, we commemorate women all over the world who stood up and took on the challenge to handle the situation- women who didn’t just remain bystanders but chose to challenge us to do the same and do what we can despite the difficult situation. 

For this year’s International Women’s Day, the organization chose the theme #ChooseToChallenge, and I think there’s no better way to celebrate health than to connect it with the theme and the world’s situation. And so what better we to celebrate being a woman  than by keeping oneself healthy, strong, and safe for everyone around you ladies, right? So, even though this month will come to a close, women around the world should still be celebrated every day. 

To be honest women’s’ bodies are not the same as the male counterpart and we also have medical illnesses that are specific to both genders. Due to the stigma, women become scared and uncomfortable talking about these health concerns. But nowadays, because of women’s empowerment, a lot of women come forward and talk about these. In line with that, we will be serving some facts and debunk some fictions regarding 


  • Pelvic pain is not normal at any age


It’s true but no one wants to experience pain and you, as a woman shouldn’t have to. Find a good and certified pelvic floor Physical Therapist to perform a thorough evaluation and assessment to manage all your symptoms


  • Your body will never go back to its normal state after having a baby


The common misunderstanding is after delivering a baby, a woman won’t be able  to run, jump, cough, and laugh again. This may be funny for some but this is a serious misconception byproduct of pregnancy. Your Pelvic floor PT would be able to help you determine the cause of these issues and guide you in addressing all of them 


  • The pelvic floor therapy is scary


We think that this is due to the fact that Physical Therapy as a whole has this reputation of having the idea that it’s painful to undergo PT, but this is untrue since our main goal is to treat conditions with no pain. This type of physical therapy encompasses a variety of exercises and hands-on therapy that helps you get back to your typical activities without pain. 


  • The pelvic floor is made up of muscles


Yes, it’s true. Not only is a pelvic floor Physical Therapist licensed and trained to isolate these muscles through manual biofeedback, but they can also ensure that you are using and activating the right ones to minimize injury and pain. 

Women’s Health includes more than just the pelvis—if you’re experiencing pain in your back, joints, wrist, or shoulder; or have been diagnosed with any bone density or osteoporotic disorders, we can help you as well. Just like this IWD theme, choose to challenge your health for the better and healthier you.