Physical Therapy

is your first line of defense against pain

We help active people in New York City stay well, be balanced, prevent injury, recover after pregnancy so they can keep playing their sports, working out, reaching personal goals, and enjoying life with their family and friends!


We are here for you.

Tribeca Physical Therapy offers manual therapy and custom-tailored treatments for pain relief and injuries for people who prefer to get care in the comfort of their own homes or have difficulty traveling.

No travel. No waiting. No stress.


Don’t suffer in silence.

⁠⁠1 in 3 women will experience a pelvic floor disorder (incontinence, diastasis recti, vaginismus, painful intercourse, constipation, etc.) in her lifetime.⁠⁠ Many do not seek help because it is often very embarrassing and frustrating. 
You are not alone.
✔️ We have a specialist that listens and understands.⁠⁠
✔️ We take a one-on-one approach to help you find lasting relief.⁠⁠
✔️ We will be with you all throughout your journey, from beginning to end.⁠⁠

Telehealth PT

You can count on us wherever you are.

Get expert opinion and share information about your pain and movement dysfunctions or even perform supervised home exercises. TeleHealth Physical Therapy is an innovative HIPAA-compliant platform. It is complementary to in-person treatment and does not replace face-to-face in-clinic sessions.



Client experience is very important to us, our high-level therapy treatment goes above and beyond our one-on-one hour-sessions. It is designed to guide patients to achieve their goal of being the best version of themselves. We create a custom made plan of care tailored-fit for YOU.


We help women prepare their bodies for pregnancy, prevent and manage the pelvic floor and deep abdominal changes to restore function and optimize postpartum recovery. We guide and educate awomen throughout each stage of their life – perinatalm prenatal, postpartum and menopause.


Our Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises that integrates the principles of the Pilates method with an evidenced-based approach in addressing any muscoloskeletal dysfunction. We focus on proper breathing techniques, body alignment, and strengthening of your core which will help you achieve better results.


Complement your Physical Therapy Sessions with Massage Therapy.

We combine Medical Massage and Manual Therapy performed by a licensed Physical Therapist for joint and soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, stretching, and massage to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation.



“Dr. Kristian believes that success and happiness at work can easily be achieved through the culture of a great team”

Dr. Kristian Marcial
Co-founder / CEO
Physical Therapist

"Dr. Monica is a mom to all, has strong work ethics, solid values, and has great passion for psychology relating to physical pain."

Dr. Monica Saliu
Co-founder / Clinical Director
Physical Therapist


John Cogan


I have worked with Kristian for 2 years now and highly recommend his services. I had been experiencing lower back pain early in the pandemic and my doctor recommended injections. Instead I started working with Kristian and my lower back pain was completely resolved and has not returned. I now work with Kristian on stretching, flexibility and dealing with tight muscles from athletic activity. Adding 20 minutes a day of stretches developed in my sessions with Kristian has transformed my fitness. Looking forward to working in their new facility!

Suki Moran


I’m an athlete and over the years have damaged my feet from various activities. I needed help because I cannot run or walk with closed shoes pain-free. Good thing, I found Tribeca Physical Therapy, an amazing team, fantastic doctors, gave me one on one quality attention and treatment. Miraculously I feel better! I would recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer Ng


Dr. Monica is a gift. I have been going to her for about 4 sessions now. She is so professional, knowledgeable and patient. She truly cares about her patients and has an ability to make you feel comfortable which is key because I have been going to her for pelvic floor work due to pregnancy and labor. For anyone who does not know (like I was surprised to find out when I arrived at my first session), pelvic floor work involves the insertion of the doctors finger vaginally to help release tension causing issues with the pelvic floor such as back pain, urinary frequency, urinary incontinence and constipation. She explains each step that she is about to do and makes sure you are comfortable before proceeding to next steps. I genuinely feel so much stronger and don’t need to worry anymore about peeing a little every time I jump or sneeze or not being able to hold in my pee. Babies are miracles but it sure does take a toll on the mother’s body. She even helped me realize I had signs of endometriosis which was something my obgyn never even addressed as a possible diagnosis to my issues! Highly recommend for people who struggle postpartum. Don’t wait two years after having a kid like I did to start your path to recovery. My back, my legs, my core and my bladder are so much stronger thanks to Dr. Monica.

Stephanie Berg


Growing up with a father as a PT I am very particular with who I see. Kristian is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and truly put my mind at ease. Thank you for diagnosing my knee injury, giving me hope & a plan of action!! Highly recommend Tribeca Physical Therapy.


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